Tis the season

The season of stress…. I mean Christmas

Where on earth did 2019 go?! It still feels like April! What a rude shock it was to realise that Christmas is 5 weeks away. This is the season that we tend to get the most stressed; organising events, buying presents and seeing family members we might prefer not to.

Its so important to invest in self-care, especially at this time of year.

Here is a few ways Moonee Valley Natural Healing Centre can help:

Get a relaxing massage- our wonderful myotherapist Mary has a number of tricks up her sleeve to help relieve stress, tension and generally make you forget the woes of Christmas shopping.

Get a lymphatic drainage massage– fabulous for fluid retention, this massage is done with gentle rhythmic movements that will flush out your lymphatic system and help you fit into your Christmas event clothes.

Get a remedial massage– feel a tension headache coming on? Grinding your teeth in the night? Get a Remedial massage- using multiple techniques Mary will ease your pain.

Buy a gift voucher from us- massage or naturopathy, give the gift of health to someone you care about… aaand get a massage for yourself while you’re here!

See one of our naturopaths- our incredible naturopaths range from 15 years experience to 30 years experience, so no matter who you see, you’re guaranteed to see someone with experience.  There are many ways they can support you through the Christmas season, here are just a few:

Emotional support– herbs, homeopathics and supplements for anxiety, stress and depression and help switching off.

Digestive support- herbs and supplements for digestive issues and overindulgence.

Nutritional support- nutrition advice, supplements, herbs and homeopathics to look and feel your best.

Improve your energy– exhaustion is common when it comes to the pointy end of the year, see our naturopaths to get some help with increasing energy the correct way (so you don’t cause adrenal fatigue!).