Preparing for Winter

Tips for building your family’s immunity

Our naturopaths Josephine and Jacqueline have put together some ideas to protect your family this winter.

The colder months are fast approaching and the strains of viruses that lead to fevers, runny noses, sore throats and coughs are forever changing among our community.

As the old saying goes ‘prevention is better than cure’ and as health care practitioners we understand the impact it can have when our little ones are sick.
The following are some simple yet effective ways to boost your family’s immunity and keep them healthy during the chilly months:

Keep it colourful! Add a variety of fresh and seasonal fruit and vegetables to the diet. Eating by the season is natures way of providing us with the nutrition we need during that particular time. If your child’s fussy, soups, sauces, smoothies and ice pops can be a wonderful way to incorporate all that goodness without them knowing!

Wash up! Remind your child to wash their hands with soap and water after playing and before eating. This is an essential part of preventing the spread of viruses and bugs.

Don’t over sanitise! Just like the gut the skin has its own microbiome! Over sanitising can kill off the good guys too so make a call as to when you think it is most necessary.

Support through supplementation! Nutrients, vitamins and herbs can be amazing to build up your child’s immune system and help them overcome infections. Vitamin C, zinc, vitamin A, essential fatty acids and echinacea are just to name a few!

Nature play! Our children’s immunity is only as good as the environment we expose them to! So don’t be afraid to get them off screen time and get them outdoors and into the fresh air.

 Routine is best! Getting your child into a healthy habit of going to bed earlier rather than later can also be beneficial in supporting a healthy immune system. Rest is crucial when overcoming any immune challenge. 

Our wonderful Naturopaths Indra, Josephine and Jacqueline are offering 15 minute phone consults for existing patients of the clinic, dedicated to immune boosting and keeping our patients thriving and healthy this winter. As these are specific consults please call or email the clinic to book in.