Josephine Failla

Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist, Iridology
(BHSc. Nat., Dip. Nut., Dip. Herbal Medicine)

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Josephine is a qualified, registered naturopath and holistic nutritionist, who has worked in private practice since 2005.  With many years of experience in the natural medicine industry. Josephine has undergone further post graduate study in the areas of Iridology and health screening.  She has had the privilege of treating a wide variety of health concerns and utilizes herbal medicine, homeopathy, nutrition and dietary counselling to achieve the best possible outcome for her patients.

Josephine enjoys treating all aspects of health including gut related issues, children’s health, fertility, food  sensitivities, allergies, auto immune disorders, skin related issues, alopecia, weight management and more.  As a busy working woman and mother herself, Josephine has developed a special interest in women’s health including female reproductive issues, stress, fatigue, anxiety and depression.

In 2017 Josephine completed the mind and body balance course with Jim O’Hearn and went on to use this skill with profound results.  Josephine utilizes her naturopathic knowledge with mind and body balancing techniques to shift the energy within the body and bring it back to equilibrium.  In addition to this she uses a range of other tools including, but not limited to Iridology, muscle testing and functional pathology testing.  Josephine also provides weight loss services including the HCG diet and healthy eating programs.

With her appreciation of the body and its ability to heal itself, Josephine strives to create a platform where true healing can occur by addressing the emotional and physical stressors that have contributed to the illness or disharmony within body.  Josephine empowers her patients by ensuring they feel involved and informed throughout their healing journey.