Jim O'Hearn Moonee Valley Natural Healing Centre

Jim O’Hearn

Naturopath, Homoeopath, Herbalist (N.D.)

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Jim O’Hearn has been a Naturopath for more than 30 years after 20 years as a Pharmaceutical Chemist. Today he uses many modalities including Homoeopathy, Herbal Medicine, Iridology, muscle testing and RBTI (a formula developed by Dr. Corey Reams, a doctor from the 1920’s, which involves Ph, sugar balance, fluid balance and toxicity levels).  Jim uses the Vega, Zyto, and Rife digital machines. He also uses many emotional and spiritual techniques to be able to get to the core individual problem. Vitamin and mineral supplements, enzymes, allergy testing with dietary and detoxification problems also ensure the best outcome for his patients.


Jim often travels internationally and locally to attend seminars in search of the best results for his patients. He has previously travelled to the United States to attend Chiropratic research seminars being the leaders in emotional reasons behind illness. His studies include the Russian regeneration theories and the New German medicine work of Dr. Geerd Hamer.
Today with great advancements in technology, there are many new machines available to give better outcomes for his patients. These machines have been developed out of the work Dr. Reinhold Voll in the 1950’s  using Resonance Analysis Technology  to measure the current passing through the cellular structure of the Organ, gland or system. This allows the practitioner to pick up deviations from the standard health parameters of health and gives us an indication of how the body is actually functioning. We are then able to pre-test potential therapeutic options using electromagnetic  signatures of the remedies to the body and measure their response.