Naturopathy is an alternative or complimentary medicine which emphasises the ability of the body to heal and maintain itself.

Naturopathy consists of many modalities including: Homoeopathy, herbalism, nutritional medicine, kinesiology,  Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)and many more. At Moonee Valley Natural Healing Centre we use a holistic approach, and apply the Naturopathic Principle of finding the root cause.

Our Naturopaths specialise in:

Allergies and intolerences

Anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD and mental health conditions

Cancer support

Children’s health

Digestive health, gut disorders, coeliac, Crohns.

Immune health

Pain, fibromyalgia

Preconception care and fertility issues

Skin conditions

Stress, adrenal and chronic fatigue

Women’s health and hormones

Weight loss and fluid retention

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