These days anxiety is around every corner. It shadows us into dark alleyways, it’s an ‘epidemic’ spoken about in all telecommunication and social media formats.  It is so widely present in day-to-day life that there are some moments we can’t help but ask the question: “Am I suffering from anxiety?” Whether its choosing the most correct thing to say to your boss or partner when feeling out-of-sorts or when a loading webpage takes more than seven seconds, anxiety fills us with doubt and vulnerability. It can, at times, slow us to a halt on even the most basic tasks and prevent us from enjoying our daily lives. Prolonged stress and anxiety can manifest poorly on the body contributing to weight gain, tiredness, skin conditions and cardiovascular and gut problems.


Sometimes it’s best to identify anxiety not as something you have caught, but as a deficiency in being calm. Like other emotions, being anxious, uncomfortable and frustrated are important feelings that we can interpret and extract valuable information from. This information provides us with a deep wisdom of our own body and mind, the world around us and the relationships of those who populate this world. Instead of looking for cheap and quick solutions to suppress anxiety sometimes it is best to ask the question: “Why am I anxious?”


“It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has.” – Hippocrates, Father of Medicine

The sources of anxiety are uniquely complex, varying in intensity and can be deeply personal. Expressing these concerns and feelings with someone you can trust and can relate to you is the most beneficial way to begin tackling stress. Sometimes, however, these emotions are hard to understand, let alone talk about. Practitioners at the Moonee Valley Natural Healing Centre conduct extensive consultation sessions to allow you time to clearly express how you feel. We see each problem, small and large, at the individual level. We support the human frame and organ function with high quality vitamin and mineral products to holistically reduce the symptoms of anxiety. Ultimately, we aim to improve your ability to cope with daily stress through balancing deficiencies of the body and making the correct lifestyle and diet choices. Speaking to someone who has the time to hear your problems is essential when dealing with the complicated human condition called anxiety.